About us

Our love to dogs and everything related to dogs was initiated by the wonderful kurzhaar girl Jara z Czarnego Dworu in summer 2009.

By actively taking part in the dog socialization events, going to exhibitions and training of hunting we understood that dogs change the life and make us understand ourselves and other people better.
And soon we were joined by the Auvergne pointing dog. In autumn 2010, the first representative of this breed arrived from Hungary to Latvia and our family – Khyannes Fata Morgana “Feita”. And so, Jara obtained a good friend, while Feita got a grown-up sister.

Certainly, what would be pointers without hunting! We go hunting which provides the most pleasure for Jara, as well as we actively participate and continue to improve our dogs skills in training for hunting.

Our future plans include breeding of beautiful dogs having stable psyche and good working abilities. So that it was possible to say: they are beautiful and classic dogs who meet the standard.

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