GSP litter 'C' is born!


In litter there are 10 puppies - 7 males and 3 females.




National field trials

Last year was very successful for us in both hunting and hunting competitions. 


National field trial in Turija, Serbia

Arabel Rex Beretta - 1st degree diploma, R.CACT


Two days of national field trials in Vecumnieki, Latvia

First day

Arabel Rex Beretta - 1st degree diploma, R.CACT

Kvanta Arabel Rex - 1st degree diploma, R.CACT 


Second day

Arabel Rex Beretta - 1st degree diploma, 100 points, CACT, 2nd place overall

Kvanta Arabel Rex - 1st degree diploma


rsz 1becis




EW'18, CIB, CIE Arabel Rex Beretta pointing a pheasant.





EURO DOG SHOW 2018, Poland

This was one of the biggest dog shows of the year, and dogs from our kennel also participated with great results. 


CW, CACIB and Best of Opposite


With this Beretta also closed Interchampion (C.I.B. and C.I.E.) and Polish champion at the age of only 2 years and 10 months.


Arabel Rex AVATAR - CW, RES.CACIB, Vice European Winner'18


With this Avatar also become Polish Champion.




Quail hunting in Serbia


Point Kva Point Bret

Not only Arabel Rex dogs and their owners were hunting in Serbia, but also participated in International dog show in Novi Sad. Our results: Aru RCAC, Kvanta CAC and Beretta went for CAC and CACIB!





Specialty Hunting dog show in Palmse, Estonia

Arabel Rex Beretta - Best of Breed and BEST IN SHOW - II

Breta BIS2

 Beretta is only 1,5 years old, and we are very happy with her great result!




National dog show in Lithuania

Arabel Rex Beretta - Exc.1, CAC, Best of Breed and Best in Group-2




At the end of August 2017 Jara's daughter Mika will have puppies!

More information here




Hunting Specialty dog show in Sarevere, Estonia

Arabel Rex Avatar - Exc.1, CAC

Karlos Arabel Rex - Exc.1, BOO

Arabel Rex Beretta - Exc.1, JCAC, JBOB, BOB and BEST IN SHOW - 3!


With this result Beretta became Estonian and Baltic junior champion.




Trip to Serbia

Last two weeks have been very busy for us. We went to Serbia for training, competitions and national dog show.

Kvanta Arabel Rex got new title - Serbian WORKING Champion!



Arabel Rex Beretta got Derby I degree and was best female. She also went for new title - Serbian junior champion.



Arabel Rex Avatar also got Derby I degree and got I degree in International field trials.

Avi Derby




Pheasant hunting

DSC04715 DSC04711

DSC04678 DSC04698




Two national dog shows in Liepaja, Latvia

This weekend's double dog show in Liepaja was very successful for our "Arabel Rex" kennel.
First day: Arabel Rex BERETTA got her 3rd JCAC and BOO and finished LV and LT JCH!
Second day: Arabel Rex ASTOR got JCAC, Arabel Rex BRENDA got JCAC and BOO. KARLOS Arabel Rex got BOB and BIG-2!
Both days we participated in Best kennel competition and we were BEST IN SHOW KENNEL-3!

BretaLVJCH - Copy

Arabel Rex BERETTA also got JN, BOB and BIG-3 in Lithuanian national show in Kedainiai on November 27.

Big thanks and congratulations goes to owners of our litters!




International dog show "Baltic Winner'16"

We had a very successful weekend in one of the biggest shows in Baltic states. Our two youngsters Arabel Rex BERETTA and Arabel Rex AVATAR both got titles Baltic Junior Winner'16!


Congratulations to owners!




Two national dog shows in Panevezis, Lithuania

Arabel Rex Bradas both days got JN certificates and on first day was best of breed.

Congratulations to owners!



Two national dog shows in Valmiera

Arabel Rex Aru - 2xExc.1, 2xPP, 2xJCAC, 2xBM-2

With this result Aru becomes Latvian and Russian junior champion!

Kobi Arabel Rex - Exc.1, 2xCQ, BOB, BOO and BIG-5

Arabel Rex Beretta - first day in puppy class PuppyBOB, second day in junior class Exc.1, PP, JCAC, BF-2


Congratulations to owners!




News from Arabel Rex "A" litter

Previous month has been very successful for our "A" litter's children.

Arabel Rex Aru was 1st in junior class and got two JCAC certificates - one in Russia, Kaliningrad and other in Latvian national dog show in Ventspils.

Arabel Rex Astor and Arabel Rex Avatar participated in hunting test for young dogs. Both got 1st degree diploma, Astor was winner of test and Avi got 3rd place.

Astor Avi

Avi and Astor with their owners.

Arabel Rex Avatar participated in two Lithuanian national dog shows and both days was 1st in junior class and got JCAC. With this result Avi finishes Lithuanian and Baltic junior champion.

Congratulations to owners!




Two national dog shows in Liepaja, Latvia

These were very successful shows for dogs from our kennel. We are really happy with the results, especially about Jara's son Karlos who in second day was best dog of all show!

Arabel Rex Baikal - 2xPP, 2xPuppy BOB

Arabel Rex Avatar - 2xExc.1, 2xJCAC

With this result Avatar becomes Latvian Junior champion!

Karlos Arabel Rex - Exc.1, CQ, BOB, BIG-1 un BEST IN SHOW!

Karlos BIS

Congratulaions to owners!




16.-17. 07.2016.

Two national dog shows in Ogre

First day:

Arabel Rex Avatar - Exc.1, PP, JCAC, BM-3

Karlos Arabel Rex - Exc.1, CQ, BM-2

Second day

Arabel Rex Beretta - Exc.1, Puppy Best of Breed

Arabel Rex Avatar - Exc.2, PP

Karlos Arabel Rex - Exc.1, CQ, BOB un Best in Group - 1!

Karlos Ogre16




We are very happy with Mika's Arabel Regal latest achievements. In last three weeks she has obtained two new titles - Baltic and Polish Champion. Congratulations to owners!





International dog show "World Winner 2016", Moscow

Arabel Rex Avatar - Exc.1, Best of Breed Puppy, Puppy World Hope 2016

Avatar june Avatar june1

Apsveicam saimniekus!




International dog show "Latvian Winner 2016", Rīga

Kobi Arabel Rex - Exc.1, CQ, Latvian Winner'16, BOB

Mika Arabel Regal - Exc.1, CQ, Latvian Winner'16, BOO

Congratulations to owners!





Specialty show "Diana Cup 2016"

Our dogs and their children got excellent results:

Auvergne pointing dog

Khyannes Fata Morgana - Exc.1, CQ, BF-1 and Best of Breed


German shorthaired pointers

Kvanta Arabel Rex - Exc.1, CQ, BF-1 and Best of Opposite

Jara z Czarnego Dworu - Exc.2, CQ, BF-3

Kobi Arabel Rex - Exc.1, CQ, BM-1, BOB and Best in Group-3

Arabel Rex Aira - PP, PBOB, Puppy Best in Show - 3

Arabel Rex Arn - PP, Puppy Best of Opposite

In the end Jara and her children got 2nd place in progeny competition!

Congratulations to winners and thanks to all owners of Jara's children!




We are happy to announce that all puppies from our Arabel Rex "B" litter have found their owners!

IMG putnusuni - Copy




svetki suni - Copy



Hunting in Poland

DSC01427 DSC01488

DSC01509 1 DSC01511



We have registered kennel "Arabel Rex"

Registration No. FCI 15/15




07. 09. 2015.

European Dog Show in Oslo, Norway

Our Jara's son Karlos got excellent result:

Karlos Arabel Rex: 1st place in working class!

Karlos Oslo1




Quail hunting in Serbia

copy3 copy4

copy5 copy6





National dog show in Liepaja, Latvia

Our Jara's children got excellent results - Best of Breed was Kobi Arabel Rex and Best of Opposite was Mika Arabel Regal, who got CAC certificate and became Latvian Champion! At the show final Jara z Czarnego Dworu with her children was Best in Show Progeny Group - 1!


We would like to say thank you to owners of Jara's children!




International dog show and Specialty show "Club Winner'15" in Adazi, Latvia

Kobi Arabel Rex achieved excellent results:

International dog show: Exc.1, CQ, CACIB, BOB and Best in Group - 1!

LHDC "Club Winner'15": Exc.1, CQ, Club Winner'15, BOB, BIG-5


With this result Kobi became LHDC Club Champion!

Congratulations to owners!




National dog show in Ogre, Latvia

Kvanta Arabel Rex - Exc.1, CQ, BOB and Best in Group - 3




10.-14. 06.2015

World Dog Show in Milan, Italy

Our Jara's son Karlos Arabel Rex took part in this year's biggest dog show and got great result:

Karlos Arabel Rex: Exc.2 (2nd in working class), Res. CAC


Congratulation to owners!




Hunting in June

Jara found wild boar by track


Kvanta found wild boar in rapeseed field, following blood track





Last hunt of pheasants in March




Achievements of Kobi Arabel Rex

We would like to congratulate Kobi Arabel Rex owners:

Last weekend Kobi was Best of Breed and Best in Group - 2 in Specialty Show organized by Latvian Hunting dog club.

Also in International dog show in Riga he was Best of Breed and with this result closed INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION title.


This is already 5th Interchampion title which dogs from this litter have obtained in only age of 3 years!



Hubert prize for Kvanta!

Our Kvanta has got Hubert prize from Latvian Hunting dog club as the Best Dog of the Year for the second year in a row!

Bilde Hub4




Pheasant hunting

Jara with her children - Kvanta and Karlos

Bilde med24




With decision of LKF presidium from 16th December 2014, Peteris has got qualifications of hunting dog instructor and National cathegory working trial judge for hunting dogs.

Bilde tiesnesis




International dog show in Rīga, Latvia

Kvanta Arabel Rex - Exc.1, CQ, CACIB, Best female-1, Best of Opposite

Other Jara's children:

Mikaela Arabel Regal - Exc.1, PP, JCAC, Best female-3. With this result Mikaela becomes Latvian Junior Champion!

Karlos Arabel Rex - Exc.1, CQ, CACIB, Best male-1, BOB and Best in Group-3

Congratulations to owners!




Euro Dog Show '14 in Brno, Czech Republic

Our dogs took part in one of the biggest dog shows in Europe and got excellent results:

Jara z Czarnego Dworu - 3rd place in champion class, excellent

Kvanta Arabel Rex - 1st place in working class, CAC sertificate, excellent. With this Kvanta becomes CZECH CHAMPION!

Jara's son Karlos Arabel Rex - excellent. Previous day he took part in National dog show in Brno and got 1st place in working class and also finished Czech Champion. Congratulations to owners of Karlos!

Brno 1 




Hunting in Serbia

We spent two nice weeks in Serbia in hunting and training

bilde medibas




Hunting competitions in Serbia

Saturday, 11th of October, our Deutsch Kurzhaars Kvanta and Jara took part in two National (CACT) Competitions in Kikind, Serbia with great results:

Kvanta Arabel Rex - Autumn Field trial with aport - 1st degree diploma, 1st place, Winner of the competition

Field and water competition - 1st degree diploma, 1st place, CACT, Winner of the competition!

Jara z Czarnego Dworu - Field and water competition - 3rd degree diploma





Training for hunting and competitions





Hunting with Jara and Kvanta in Serbia


This was a hunting trip, but in weekend Jara participated in National dog show in Temerin and got Exc.1, and CAC.

Jara z Czarnego Dworu now is CHAMPION OF SERBIA!



International dog show in Bialystok, Poland

Jara's son Karlos finishes Polish champion and INTERCHAMPION (C.I.E. and C.I.B.)!

Karlos Arabel Rex - Exc.1, CWC, CACIB, BOB, Best in Group - 2 and Best in Show Working dog - 3!


Congratulations to owners!




Kvanta becomes INTERCHAMPION

Two of our Jara's children were in Parnu, Estonia for two international dog shows and got excellent results.

First day

Kvanta Arabel Rex - Exc.1, Best female-2, R.CACIB

Karlos Arabel Rex - Exc.1, Best male-1, CACIB, BOO

Second day

Kvanta Arabel Rex - Exc.1, Best female-1, CACIB, BOO

Karlos Arabel Rex - Exc.1, Best male-1, CACIB, BOB and Best in Group-3

Kvanta Parnu - kopija

With this result Kvanta finishes two International champion titles

(C.I.E. and C.I.B.)!




Hunting Breeds Specialty Show "Club Winner'14", Latvia


Kvanta Arabel Rex - Exc.1, CQ, CAC, BOO, Best Female-1, Club Winner'14


With this result Kvanta becomes Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Baltic and Latvian Club champion.

Jara z Czarnego Dworu - Exc.1, CQ, Best Female-3

Mikaela Arabel Regal - PP, PuppyBOB, Puppy Best in Show-2

Jara with her children - 1. place in Progeny Competition


Auvergne Pointig Dog

Khyannes Fata Morgana - Exc.1, CQ, BOB, Club Winner'14




Two National Spring Hunting Competitions in Serbia

Our results from two field trials in Serbia, Apr. 5 in Idjoš (36 dogs, passed 6) and Apr. 6 in Padej (25 dogs, passed 6):

Kvanta Arabel Rex: Very good (4) and Excellent (5)

Jara z Czarnego Dworu: 2 x Good (3)





Pheasant hunting






We are proud of our KVANTA Arabel Rex who got „Hubert Prize” from our Latvian Hunting Dog Club as the Best Dog of year 2013!

Hubert prize




Two international dog show in Vilnius, Lithuania

Karlos Arabel Rex - 2xExc.1, 2xCAC, 2xRes.CACIB

Kvanta Arabel Rex - 2xExc.1, 2xCAC, 2xN, 2xCACIB, 2xBOS

Kvanta Vilnius




Pheasant hunting






Two international dog shows in Tartu, Estonia

Kvanta Arabel Rex - 2xExc.1, EST CAC, 2xCACIB and 2xBOB

Kobi Arabel Rex - 2xExc.1, EST CAC, 2xCACIB and 2xBOO

tartu 2cacib




Hunting on quails in Serbia





Working Trials for young dogs (Proby Pracy Wyzlow) Niepolomice, Poland

Kvanta Arabel Rex - 1st degree diploma (PP-I)

PP1 Kvanta



Yesterday our JARA z Czarnego Dworu got "Hubert Prize" from Latvian Gundogs club - the best dog of year 2012!!

Bilde FB2




Field Trials in Babīte, Latvia

In these holidays Jara got excellent results in field trials:

Jara z Czarnego Dworu - 1st degree diploma, 1st place (from 10 dogs)

Jara on field 1



Enjoying duck hunting season

pict 1 pic 2