Auvergne pointing dog

An Auvergne pointing dog or Auvergne braque is a very ancient hunting breed which has been existing for more than two centuries. The ancestors of this breed are pointers and Gascon hounds. France have to be considered as the native country of the breed.

The dogs are characteristic of an original colour which is called a coal drawing. Auvergne pointers have straight lines, average proportions and strong bones. They have light, elegant pace and harmonic proportions.

An Auvergne braque is a universal hunting dog which is bred as a hunter's companion. Its body is made in such a way so that the dog could run large distances without feeling tired and having energy for all the day in all conditions.

An Auvergne pointer is gentle, friendly, very sincere, intelligent and obedient by nature, it excellently adapts to family life.

The dogs are easily trainable. They show a game very well by pointing it, as well as they have excellent retrieving abilities.

The Frenchmen value working abilities the most in Auvergne pointers. A good Auvergne braque is only then if a dog obtains high assessment in the work examinations – especially relating to rural and water bird hunting. Therefore, Auvergne pointers in their native country are real hunter assistants and working dogs, the exterior is paid less attention and the dogs of this species may be seen rather rarely in the exhibitions, although the dog is visually really beautiful, as well.

In general the Auvergne pointer is:

1. A pointer, bred as a hunter assistant.

2. Specializes more in rural bird hunting in the native country of the breed – France.

3. Great strength, is able to run large distances without feeling tired.

4. High obedience, easily trainable.

5. Gentle, friendly, emotionally sensitive.

6. Excellently adapts to family life, makes a friendly contact with children.

German shorthaired pointer

The origin of a German shorthaired pointer (kurzhaar) dates back to bird hunting. These dogs came to Germany from France, Spain and Flemish countries. Ancestries of the kurzhaar include Spanish pointers, German pointers, bladhounds, English pointers and other breeds.

It was important for the German breeders to make a universal hunting dog having good working abilities, therefore nowadays a kurzhaar is an excellent assistant in different kinds of hunting. Although this breed is mainly used for field bird hunting in the world, they are excellent working dogs also in water bird hunting and in beater hunting.

Proportions of the German shorthaired pointer are made harmonically. The athletic body helps a dog to move gracefully and aristocratically. This is a dog which provides confidence about its power, strength and speed. The most popular colours of this species are white-brown and brown but white-black and black colours are also permissible.

The German shorthaired pointer normally is psychically balanced, devoted to its family, social and without an inclination to aggression. Although this breed is not suitable for the role of a guard dog, in case of necessity a kurzhaar will defend its master and his family. The dogs of this breed have an excellent contact with children. From a calm and careful domestic pet the German shorthaired pointer turns into a nimble, skilful and reliable assistant in the hunting field.

Although hunting is the thing which fascinates these enthusiastic dogs the most, a kurzhaar may be a good pet for its master who is not engaged in hunting. Having appropriate and correct physical load the dog will feel satisfied also in the case if it does not have any hunting activities.

A kurzhaar is healthy and is rarely ill. A potential visit of a veterinarian will be necessary only in order to have prophylactic vaccines.

Our climatic conditions are also very suitable for a kurzhaar and the short fur is not the reason for feeling cold in winter due to its agility.

A kurzhaar is an ideal breed for hunters, sporting families and people who enjoy active lifestyle. It must be taken into account that a kurzhaar is not able to sit around. It is necessary for the German shorthaired pointer to have a good run at least once a day, and then it will be calm at home.

In general the German shorthaired pointer is:

1. A universal hunting dog, a hunter's companion.

2. Mostly specializes on rural and water bird hunting.

3. A strong, active, tireless and brave dog.

4. A clever and easily trainable dog.

5. Strong in character and will, consistency must be observed in breeding the dog.

6. Adapts well to family life.

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